Dedicated diving personalities

September 04, 2013

Meet the dedicated diving personalities using SI TECH components in their strive for optimal performance and safety. These divers are in different ways ambassadors for the SI TECH brand and products. We support these divers as we think that they are a great asset to the diving community. Their great experience and knowledge are pushing us forward in our strive to reach new levels of performance.

In this section you will find information about the expeditions and projects that we sponsor and supply, as well as reports on any previous fourth element adventures. If you want to take part in a fourth element adventure, please click here to see what we have coming up. - See more at: http://www.fourthelement.com/adventures/diving_expeditions/index.php#sthash.kAoWQQGC.dpuf
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John Jonsson - Wreck diver/Rescue swimmer
John is a professional rescue swimmer spending most of his office hours in a helicopter. John is a member of the diving exploration team Deep Sea Productions, led by Carl Douglas. The team is behind some of the most noted wreck finds in modern times. John has been diving SI TECH products for many years as he knows that they work great for his way of diving.


Jonas Dahm - Wreck diver/Photographer
Jonas has been working for Deep Sea Productions for several years and will join us on the shows with some of his work. We do recommend everyone to come and see these images!


Optimala Dyk is a team of passionated wreck divers consisting of Thomas Holmgren, Stefan Lönn and Erik Håkansson. The team operates on the Swedish west coast and are focused on wrecks somehow connected to the Second World War (submarines, troop transport vessels and war ships of various sizes). The team is not only diving wrecks currently known, they are also spending a lot of time searching for positions of wrecks still not found... Follow their adventures here in this section or at www.optimaladyk.se.

Inhouse dive team

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Johanna Strömgren - Marketing/Diver

Johanna has more than 20 years of diving experience. She has been a scuba instructor and instructor trainer for many years. Johanna dives mostly in Swedish and Norwegian waters, but she also has a lot of experience of diving in tropical waters. Johanna likes to watch "underwater creatures" during her dives. She enjoys wreck diving - when the wreck is also an artificial reef full of marine life. Johanna is part of the team conducting tests and development of SI TECH products.

Steve Hallsten - Injection molder/Diver

Steve is managing the injection molding process at SI TECH. When he's not taking care of the machinery at the factory he spends time with his Dræger Dolphin rebreather. Steve knows the Gullmarsfjord's dive sites and hideouts as his own pocket.  Except for his interest in diving, Steve is also enthusiastic about motorcycles and boats. Steve is part of the team conducting tests and development of SI TECH products.

Inhouse divers_2

Jonas Wall - Brand consultant/Diver

Jonas is a dedicated wreck diver and has been into diving since late 90´s. Jonas is hired as a brand consultant for SI TECH and has a background in marketing and product development from the sport- and defence industry. He also carries a background in the swedish armed forces. Jonas is part of the team conducting tests and development of SI TECH products.

Test and evaluation

With our inhouse diving competencies and nearby shore based diving, with depths down to 100 meter, we are always able to conduct live condition test sessions at all stages of our product development processes.