Pee Valve

Technical specification

  • Pressure compensated
  • Twin Check valves for safe evacuation and no outer leakage
  • On/Off function
  • Easy to clean 
  • Disassembly tool included
  • Valve port for fitting to suit included
  • Connects with uridomes and the She-P

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Dump/Pee Valves

Use a Pee Valve and extend your bottom time. No use having loads of breathing gas when nature prevents you from concentrating. Long working hours and deco times are no longer a problem. Relieve yourself in a donned drysuit!

Item no: 11920

  • Pee Valve
  • Disassembly tool
  • Valve port

Item no: 11925

  • Pee Valve
  • Disassembly tool
  • Valve port
  • Blanking plug
  • Uridomes - 2 pcs

 Accessories/Spare parts:

  • Uridome 25 mm (item no: 11907)
  • Uridome 30 mm (item no: 11908)
  • Uridome 35 mm (item no: 11909)
  • She-P kit (item no: 16-00001); She-P, Quick Disconnector, Hollister Spray and Remover Wipes