Important info regarding TRIGON Pee Valve

We have received feedback from some end users regarding leakage when using TRIGON Pee Valve. We have been investigating and testing to try to find out the reason.  

We have come up with two reasons that we think can be the issue:

1) The norprene hose is a bit too weak and when it folds it affects the compensation check valve with urine leakage as a result.

2) Insufficient pressure on the compensation check valve causing back leakage.

We have therefore decided to change the hose type and also the setting of the compensation check valve so it will need more pressure to open. This will be incorporated in all TRIGON Pee Valves being produced from now on.

We are also offering a free of charge exchange of the affected parts (hose and valve bottom part) for all end users that have a TRIGON Pee Valve.

If you want to change; fill in the replacement form and send to info@sitech.se. Form to fill in is found under "Related files" here: www.sitech.se/products/dumppee-valves/trigon-pee-valve.aspx

We apologize for the extra work/issues this creates.  

TRIGON Pee Valve new hose