New Dry Glove Systems

Dry Glove Systems

We are now launching three Dry Glove Systems that connects with SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring;

SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring provides the opportunity to change wrist seals instantly, without gluing. We have now developed three versions of Dry Glove Systems for SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring - to give the diver opportunity to choose the system that is best for his/her diving needs. All three systems are easy to mount, easy to use Dry Glove Systems designed to perform - no matter the diving environment. 

NEVA is an easy to use "pull over" Dry Glove System. The NEVA Ring is installed into the SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring and a latex glove or a PVC glove with extended latex cuff is pulled over the NEVA Ring. The glove can be secured with a thick O-ring.

OBERON is a version of VIRGO/Glove Lock QCP Dry Glove System. With OBERON you the possiblity to use a similar sysetm as VIRGO/Glove Lock QCP, but it is compatible with SLÄGGÖ Flex ring (instead of QCS Oval/Quick Cuff). 

LIANA is a version of Quick Glove that is compatible with SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring (instead of Quick Cuff/Quick Clamp).

SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring is available in size L, but is planned to be launched also in size S and M. When the smaller sizes of SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring are on the market, more sizes of NEVA, OBERON and LIANAN will be launched; NEVA in size S, M and L, OBERON and LIANA in size M and L.

Item numbers:
NEVA set, L - item number 60760
OBERON set, L - item number 60770
LIANA set, L - item number 60780


  • Connects with the PU-ring of SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring.
  • User friendly.
  • Accommodating most hands.
  • Fits to most common dry gloves.
  • Sturdy contruction.

More information here: www.sitech.se/products/dry-gloves-solutions.aspx

Movie manuals:

NEVA - https://youtu.be/JsvxzIn_9-k

OBERON - https://youtu.be/AY0QWyqBm6k

LIANA - https://youtu.be/ajrRdXYxxZ8 

Modular for wrist